You can contact us via email at info@bursarynetwork.com
Yes, donors can send students messages using the forum on the students profile page.
BursaryNetwork confirms the identity of the student and whether the student is registered with the respective institution. However you are welcome to conduct your own verification.
All funds will be refunded in full to all the donors.
The funds will be paid directly to the institution.
We charge 5% to ensure that the platform is sustainable and continues to support students that need financial assistance.
Once logged on to the BursaryNetwork you support a student by clicking the donate button and you will be directed to a new page where you will have to fill in the amount you wish to contribute.
Option1: Transfer funds electronically (EFT) into the BursaryNetwork account with your BursaryNetwork account number as reference... Option 2: Debit/credit card using a secure payment gateway... Option 3: Cash deposit into the BursaryNetwork bank account using your BursaryNetwork account number as reference.
Step1: Go to the Sign Up page by clicking on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the Landing page... Step2: Fill out all the fields and click submit... Step3: Thereafter you will receive a verification email from us... With your email address confirmed you will receive a second email with your log in information and your BursaryNetwork account number.
Signing up as a donor on the BursaryNetwork is free for both Individuals and Institutions.
Once you contribute towards a student the students name will appear on the table and their status will be "Pending" to show that the student has not yet raised their target amount in full. Once the student has raised their target amount the status on your table will immediately change to "Successful" and the payment will be made to their respective institution.